Reviews for "Cat Vader"

Aww, that was cute~.

Lol for making me giggle, I give you 7 stars. :D It was cute. I want a cat like that~.


Hm this is absolutely terrible.. the humour is limited and seems very forced. You had a good idea but it was definitely wasted on the bad audio and script work.


Yaaaaaaaaaawn. Also how is he breathing in and out like that while talking? You should paid more attention to your sound effects.

koit responds:

You should "pay" more attention to the star wars movies and realise that Darth Vader always breathes (including whilst talking) - he has essentially an iron lung which continues to function regardless of whether he is talking or not.


I loved the line "I find your lack of life...disturbing." Lol reminds me of my cat. Please throw in a sequel and this time with stuff exploding XD!

Loved it!!!!!

Oh my god, I love that cat! And I love the references you turned into kitten puns. But to wladodragovic: why haven't you seen all of them!!??? And to you DreadtheSky13: WTF?? Why was that bad? Your flower's are weak!!!!