Reviews for "Cat Vader"

um ok this...

this was really stupid and boring made no sense just that breathing over and over and over. Stupid annoying voice and was just dumn. Animation was bad, no music, and just that breathing voice the whole time.

Potentially Funny

It was a little bare conceptually, but it had its funny parts - that relied on the absurdity of the plot or lack there of. The drawings were good, lacked detail but that cartoon-like style works with the Clich├ęd 'plot', the only thing aesthetically displeasing was the sharp twitch of the 3D vader head - which could have been improved upon with multiple 3D renders. Otherwise it was moderately amusing.


this was not even mildly entertaining. More than the half of the time was spent listening to the breathing noise and there was little talking. There was not even a small bit of plot that io could find.

sorry but you fail.


That just made my day lol, it was pretty funny but it seemed like there rly was no plot and he was just walking around throwing out one-liners, it is a good idea but i think it need a bit of improvment cuz cat vader is funny as hell


u deffenetly shown a cuter side of darth vader lol i like it wen the guy takes his hand off him then he wakes up and his tail turns to a lightsaber lol