Reviews for "Pac vs Alien"

was a great game

i thought the game was good, for those who thought it was too hard thats what the skip is for, and if you dont like the music, theres a button for that too.

whats everyones deal?

this game was good.
its challenging beacause its a good game!

Good game with a few cons, EEEVIL reviewers

This game is very good overall but has a few problems
The controls are very good and fluid
The minigames are fun and don't get boring
the graphics are not bad
fun overall
cute story
In the level were u have to put the ship together, u should have more time
the level where you fly in your ship in a cave is too long
The difficulty is not consistant: in a game it should get harder and harder but here it goes up and down
It could have a bit more originaliy in the minigames but it is fine

exept for these few tiny problems, this is an awesome game :) and all these old rotten bottoms (I am luckily for them not allowed to swear) That gave you a bad review without anny consistant reason are just n00bs caus' they find it to hard so **** them


HAHA din körv