Reviews for "Pac vs Alien"

=D =D =D

=D Loved it, only one problem...

I should really have played it on PC touchpad just don't have the speed of a mouse lmao

Lol, interesting

I disagree with some of the reviews below, this game isn't spectacular, but it's fun and fast paced.
And that song is good, albeit a bit repetitive if you fail a lot (and I did ^_^').
Some of the challenges are a little... too tough for such a casually styled game, but I enjoyed it.
Oddly enough, this game is best on lowest quality, it kinda adds to the art style.


haha ditt korv


haha cool game, it´s a mix of genres. really nostalgic
10 Points!

Pac Vs Alien

This game is really fun and entertaining! I love the level where you build the ufo. Only level I had trouble with was the one where you have to dodge the rocks in the cave.