Reviews for "Pac vs Alien"

good stuff

a fun set of simple games, though a bit frustrating at times...

Entertaining, short arcade game

Really nice, takes less than 10 minutes and quite easy once you get a hang of it.
2 problems I've found:
1) It is too easy to accindentaly click "skip", happened to me two times.
2) While replaying the game I got stuck at the asteroid level. At the beggining only 2 asteroids showed up and then I just flied withoud end. Didn't try to reproduce the bug, though.

reminds me of warioware

and i luv me teh warioware the ship in the battle with that alien dude couldve been a little more responsive though

god damn you

may wolves eat your testicles!

The music

You put some of Al yankovich's "I'm a wigga" 8bit version didnt you? xD but you played it very fast!