Reviews for "Pac vs Alien"

Don't listen to the frustrated incompetance.

If you do, it'll only bring down this game further than it should be. The gameplay was fluid, and impressive, even on a slow computer like my own... though a quality option would have been a nice touch. It was like Wario ware from the 1980's, and it brought back quite a few memories of when I was a boy. There is really nothing super wrong with it, people just aren't used to games that actually provide some degree of challenge to them, and even though these games are simple and perhaps monotonous, they pack quite the punch in difficulty. Though it wasn't an original premise, the idea was more than unique and thus, you get points for creativity. You also provided a "Skip" button for those neigh-sayers, so I really can't tell what they are complaining about. Great game! 9/10 simply for the fact that it wasn't as good as it could have been slightly better graphically with a quality option, and because on some of the dodging and or fighting levels, the area you could get hit in was a little broad for that little ship of yours. Still, commendable!

Really fun !

It was really hard, but not too much, and of course, really fun. I was pleasing to find many old concept like space invaders in the mini game.
And to finish the music, a remix of the Pac Man theme, was perfect for the game.
I have spend a great time playing this game, thank you :)


great idea and fun, I loved it

I can't get past level 2

i mean i like how the controls change every level but the rocks and plants are to close together

nice buttttt

i just couldnt get pass the stage that he repaired the ufo already.
sometimes i click and it jus won't go up. and once it just went allllllll the way up even aft i hav released my button.
theres a skip button