Reviews for "Pac vs Alien"



I glitched :|

It was a fun game but when i played it through a second time on the space level where you had to dodge the asteroids in the middle of the level rocks stopped coming and the level kept going even though the little pac bar on the side got to the top

Cute concept, but overall, not successful

I thought the concept was cute but there were quite a few things I thought went wrong.

First of all, I would have liked to see actual pac man in a game about pac man. It would have been a nice ending to have the real game and give some meaning to the random eating of dots.

Many of the time restraints and difficulty levels were absolutely rediculous! In a game with a cutesy style such as this, you make it geared toward younger players, not uber-nerd who do nothing but play games on their computers all day and have that kind of skill. Many of the rapid clicking games were just too much and too fast! I could barely win them! Judging from the style of the whole thing and the simplicity of some of the games (clicking and dragging parts into the space ship?), your target audience is much younger, but you have geared the difficulty to hardcore gammers. If you want a successful game, pick an audience and stick with it; either make it less cutesy and simple for the hardcore gamers or make it much less difficult (after all, some of the games are nice and easy, like the brick breaker game)!

Also, there was too much dependance on the mouse. Many of us have track pads and can't move that quickly, plus many of those games are better fit for arrow keys or AWSD.

Some of the games were simply unsuccessful. For instance, the space invaders game was a very cute idea, but it just didn't work. being so close to the aliens, having no protection, disappearance of shots fired, and one shot kills made it way too difficult!

I appreciated the use of physics in the boss battle but that too was very difficult and flawed. One shot kills and the fact that the claw, though never touching the ship was able to kill you within half of the screen made it absolutely rediculous!

The story, though cute and creative (props to including all of those types of games into one story) didn't make sense at times. For instance, why was there a bomb randomly on the planet that pac man was escaping from? the bad guy was dead, and even if he wasn't, why would he want to blow up his entire planet including himself just to kill pac man? why not have pac man place the bomb or have the bomb on the ship and he gets rid of it by throwing it on the planet...

These are just some of my thoughts...

eh kinda good

i thought lvl2 wasF**KING hardbut you can skip lvls


Game Z Hero? more like Game H Zero. This game is a combination of classics all done terribly. The music alone honestly should be enough to blam this game.