Reviews for "Pac vs Alien"

one problem

great game but it could use some medals

conclousion: fun


Did you design the game for no one to beat? The controls are just too hard. Although I did like the old school pacman and Ms. pacman. Just please change the controls...


Perfect replication of "old-school" games....poor controller response and instant death from threats that are so far away from your character that they couldn't possibly have hit you. Exactly as frustrating and unsatisfying as I remember.

Honestly, anything that can be done to decrease the annoying amount of lag time between taking an action with the mouse and actually seeing that action carried out on-screen would be an improvement.....not to mention changing things so that a laser blast, asteroid, giant death claw, etc., actually has to hit the character, instead of merely passing several squares away, to kill it.

Pac Vs Alien

This game is really fun and entertaining! I love the level where you build the ufo. Only level I had trouble with was the one where you have to dodge the rocks in the cave.



haha cool game, it´s a mix of genres. really nostalgic
10 Points!