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Reviews for "Roly-Poly Monsters"


im a major fan of roly-poly games and this met the standards.. it was fun and never got dull just like all the rest.. the only thing i felt a lil dissapointed about was that u said the puzzles were a bit harder :( actually they were considerably easier than the rest.. non the less its still a nice lil game.. a little late for the halloween theme one perhaps? a christmas one would have been nice tho :).
i think also it would be nice to be able to set timers on the bombs also or at least have the timer on the bomb at the top left so its easier to judge time


This game is really great! Nice work!
And I want to notice that all of the comments here rates this game as 10. But the score is too low. I've noticed it long time ago. This website is no longer a way to get fair score. This portal is full of people, who vote 0 or 1 for good games just to increase their chances to win a daily prise for their games. You will see - tomorrow the score will be much higher, because there will be no rivals.


Loved all the roly poly games so far and this one is no exception, good learning curve and the last few levels are hard (like they should be). Great job!!


this is hilarious and made my day =D

great job

fun and funny