Reviews for "Death Vault"


Finally someone twists the stick-man fighting genre into a little more. By adding that cartoony ending, the otherwise strong stick animation became fresh.

SHOQ responds:

well I'm glad I changed it up, and besides, i didn't want to do an exact rip-off if the battlefield series!


The flash though simple conveys multiple things through its simplicity, It attempts to show the illogical nature of war and the futility as it as all the characters in the movie die soon after they are introduced, then the destructive nature as it rips apart the scenery, not too long after it shows the scenery destroying the people themselves who are using it for cover, indicating that the nature that protected them for so long is no longer the nature that they can rely on, finally leading up to the final scene it shows the character only known as 25 demonstrating the moral issues with having a war, with the character giving his money and then promptly shooting the man in exchange for greed and power, in this case the nuclear weapon. In the final scene it shows the recurring problem of war and vengance, as after everyone has settled their differences only one vengeful and angry man was all it took for the world to be thrown back in chaos. This flash while very simplistic in nature shows many issues with war in modern society and while this may or may not be the intention of the creator I found this a very interesting peice to review.

I mean what?

SHOQ responds:

are you high, and thanks

lol nice

stick movies are better when 1 stick always wins, not just 2 sticks battling, or like 40 then they all die. THER IS ONLY 1 WINA

SHOQ responds:

i guess its just your opinion, i never really fell in love with 1-pwnz-all


AWESOME! As smoothly animated as possible.

SHOQ responds:

Thanks man!!