Reviews for "Bounce (Platformer) -SG-"

Good for a first game...

But this was extremely gimmicky, not well designed as far as visual aesthetic goes, and just overall... seems a little unprofessional. Maybe a greater level/planet ratio and a level select screen. Try to be consistent with the room views - I understand how you're trying to make the game challenging, but there are other, less frustrating challenges to use.

SyndromeGames responds:

Okay, people said this was a useless review. Screw them, thanks for the input! as far as the graphix are conserned, I am going to do a collab with an artist! (WOOT)


ty for fixing the music. since u listen to ppl and take their advice u get a 10!

SyndromeGames responds:

Lol, music isnt totally fixed yet............ I forgot to loop it. OMGWTF.......

Not too bad...

Overall wasn't that bad, there are some things that should be improved. For instance allow the option for the music to be muted, and fix the looping on it as well. Got about 5-10mins~ into the game and the music just stopped. As well on the one level with the falling red blocks, going up and down in the standard pattern there seemed to be an issue with hit detection. Other then that, good job for a first game.

SyndromeGames responds:

Thanks for the review, I tried to make a mute button, but it bugged the game (As you can see in the last version)

Author, please read this review and respond!

Well, this is your first game. I'm also designing my first game for PC too, and it is also a platformer. Taking advice from other people and fixing my game on it, I'll help you out.

Gameplay: You have made a simple platformer, which is nice. The jumping and moving mechanics work pretty well for somebody who is probably only a teenager developing this. Graphics aren't too good, but nothing can be perfect, right? They aren't an eye sore, but they certainly are too plain to get you a high rating.

There needs to be some sort of acceleration for the game, because it feels to jerky at the moment. Jumping needs to be more responsive when you jump off of cliffs. For the scrolling levels, the camera needs to be zoomed out alot more. I also noticed some glitches with the paddles, what not... The biggest problem is with your level design. Some obstacles are just trial and error, and the difficulty is inconsistent.

Graphics, well... Decent. Glow is kind of nice, I guess. You can hand draw some stuff, maybe some terrain? Anything that works.

Presentation needs work. Obstacles will be unexplained at first and the music doesn't even play during the game. Some effects for the buttons might be nice, they'll get you a higher score, and I noticed you re-used the same levels but just put glow on them, that took off about 2 points for me because the last thing I want to do is play the same level over again.

All I can say is that it is a decent start, and maybe when you get better, we can collaborate. You can check my profile too for "Moovlin PC Demo V2".

SyndromeGames responds:

Well, personally, i think your score for me is a little unfair, but I am not one to judge. I really appreciate how much time you put into this review, and i will keep what you have said in mind. About the collab, If you are a good level designer, I would love to work with you! (Level Design, and Artwork are my weak traits.)

Good game

I think this deserves independent of the month.

SyndromeGames responds:

Thank you!