Reviews for "Krueger Vs. Smash Bros."

not bad at all!

Although the the flash was a bit lack of animations the fun was served for sure! XD I lol'd at some things, although Falcon Pawnch got really devaluated, that's why I gave you 4/5. :D

Awesome Animation!

I WISH Paper Mario was in Brawl...


Raise your hand if you thought it was Freddy Krueger. Oh well still veeeery fun to watch. I am trying to recall where that little intro was from...I know it was Sonic..just can't remember when and what game lol.
Though I have to admit I cracked up big time when Link respawned just to get blasted right away. Pretty damn good. Oh, and loved the Final Flash tribute. :]

Lavidon responds:

Thanks, I love when someone watches it and recognizes the Final Flash. XD And the song is one of the boss themes from Sonic Adventure 2.

Really nice:)

I liked the movie, it actually maked me laugh, not out loud though, hehe. I recommend using more drawings, because some characters had the same position all the time, like that Krueger guy. You could've drawn a front picture of Krueger so when it turned it looked like he actually did it, and not just flipped over like a paper thing. Everything else was good! Congratulations.

Lavidon responds:

Thanks for the advice. :D


Even though I didn't know who the Krueger guy was, I still found this movie hilarious. You did a great job with sound effects, staging, and animation. I hope you got an A+ in your class ;)