Reviews for "the Last of the Dashkin"

Yes! More more more!!!
This has to be the best one so far!!!

There really should be a Bitey of Brackenwood movie. This series is amazing and I hope you continue it.

Even after all of these years flashes like yours always seem to memorize me, leaving me wanting more. Too bad even after all of these years you have yet to make the next installment. I've been waiting 5 years for the next one but you never will, will you? Congratulations you have not only crushed the dreams of a 12 year old but have been doing so until that 13 year old became an 18 year old. Nonetheless you did a beautiful job 10/10

I don't usually give a perfect score, but this, this was just mesmorizing.

Nice, but 6 years have passed. I would really love to see the next chapter of bity's story. pls continue!