Reviews for "the Last of the Dashkin"

That water...

Great characters always have a tragic past.

The fleck of spite in an abandoned paradise. Chills up the spine, man.

So because he was abandoned by the big feet is why he's against them

Beautiful animation and storytelling. The characters and world you created is amazing!

I've been a fan of your work for a while now. I first heard of you when Jazza interviewed you. Around that time I had just heard about Toonboom Harmony, I was a big flash user mostly for websites with the use of actionScripting to communicate with javascript and other scripting languages. I had decided to forget about a career in web development and get back to my roots in drawing and learn to animate, but I didn't want to just animate with tweening I want to learn to do real animation. After listening to you talk about Toonboom I decided to purchase Harmony and when it came out your book "Animate to Harmony", so I'm on my way to becoming an animator. I have a plan I believe will help me to learn which is what I'm calling "Re-animation". I'm taking scenes from existing animations and from scratch re-animating them to learn different styles and techniques. I think of it as when you learn to play the guitar you don't start out writing songs you learn to play a Jimi Hendrix song or whatever and learn some scales, then when your comfortable with the instrument you can start to create for yourself. So far I've done a few scene from Charlie Brown, my childhood favorite and currently I'm working on a scene from Gravity Falls. I think next I'm going to try out a scene with Bitey.