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Reviews for "Sim Air Traffic"

Very good

Your graphics were hella good compared to alot of other noobs on here and I love that you made it real. KEEP CREATING THESE GAMES!!!!


nice graphics and gameplay... it my fav.!

Superb ! I've never played a game like this before. Highly original and very tense. You control the lives of all the passengers on each plane. Not sure how far I'll get into this game. Very interesting strategy. Top gun and top marks !

If you plan to release a new version, please include more sound. Chatter from tower, chatter from pilot, actual sounds you hear in the control tower and passengers screaming (if you're doing a bad job) :)

Entertaining, Engroseing, and fun!

I very much enjoy games that force me to multi task and pay atention! it takes real skill to create a game that grabs you and pulls you in like this.

Graphics- are good. 9/10

Gameplay- is solid and as far as i could tell bug free 10/10

Audio- personaly i dont like music in my games but others may so you might think about adding that, other than that tho i enjoyed the audio that was there (even the crunch sound when i killed a few hundred people by crashing my planes :-P) 8/10

I really think you can go far with a game like this! maybe add a world view? or options to expand on your airport, new hangars, runways, or personal for faster refuel. Or even ways to edit the planes you get :-) ANYWAYS good game i enjoyed the time i spent on it! keep up the good work


It was worth a try but I found it took a while for me to get interested in it. If anything, I hate to complain but it was a little too easy at first. The second level and beyond that did catch my interest. Keep up the good work!