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Reviews for "Sim Air Traffic"

very nice!!

All i can say is, maybe plane atributes? sound is a must, and maybe a little bit more interactivity, really u should go after this idea! u can make this big, go for it!


nice graphics and gameplay... it my fav.!

this is a great concept

and very well executed. I like it and enjoyed playing with it. However, I continuously got these error messages, like maybe 8 or 10 times while playing they interrupted me and I kept having to hit 'Dismiss All' or 'Continue' in order to keep playing.

Fix that and you got a winner here.

simple but original

I like the concept of this games, but it needs to be fleshed out a little, you should add upgrades that you can buy with the money your earn

Good potential

The gameplay is well off, however, it lacks the element of upgrades.
Thats the only problem i see from this game.