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Reviews for "Sim Air Traffic"


Lets just say I won't ever be doing this in real life. Still a really fun game. Question though, do the different color wings effect the planes????

Quite Good

Good concept, there was actually a DS game called Air Traffic Controller that was very similar. My only gripe with the gameplay was that the screen was too small for the airport really. You had made 2 or 3 seconds in many levels to tell an airplane to go around. It'd be great to have a bit more time to decide that kind of important decision.

Pretty interesting idea.

Pretty cool concept. Starts off painfully slow though, okay not really painfully but it'd be nice if you earned more money per plane to speed up progress.

Be cool to see some emergency situations in the game.

- Hijackings
- Emergency landings
- Planes crashing due to low fuel

The possibilities are endless! Glad to see something truly unique come through the portal. Keep at it!

Entertaining, Engroseing, and fun!

I very much enjoy games that force me to multi task and pay atention! it takes real skill to create a game that grabs you and pulls you in like this.

Graphics- are good. 9/10

Gameplay- is solid and as far as i could tell bug free 10/10

Audio- personaly i dont like music in my games but others may so you might think about adding that, other than that tho i enjoyed the audio that was there (even the crunch sound when i killed a few hundred people by crashing my planes :-P) 8/10

I really think you can go far with a game like this! maybe add a world view? or options to expand on your airport, new hangars, runways, or personal for faster refuel. Or even ways to edit the planes you get :-) ANYWAYS good game i enjoyed the time i spent on it! keep up the good work

It's not a bad sim

Pretty simple and clean design. I think it should say YOU'RE FIRED! when you fail.