Reviews for "Sex with Angel"

hmmmm i think im kinda hard

we had a night before valentine's day for a few months ago...

How do you mean "funny"?

Is it because its so bad, or am I missing something?
Anyhoo... you need to really up the effort, when you're touching her it seems more like you're shoving the air than touching an actual erogenous zone.
Sorry honey, you're no Vadim-God.

y wuz the pussy blurred


The only thing funny is how bad the game is. Congrats, you ripped of Meet 'N Fuck, a game that already rips off other things and instead of IMPROVING you made it worse.

It's not funny. Story? What story? Despite the fact that MnF games use stolen art it's one saving grace is the cheesy text; you couldn't even do that right! And the picture you used was CENSORED! And the hand, as mentioned, looks like it's up in the air. The penis is drawn horribly and it's just...not pretty or funny or even fun.

And what was with the audio? The same ripped porn SFX, why would you have a guy moaning in it when he's touching her arm?! Not to mention the moaning sounds don't match the look of the girl.

Put a little more effort next time.