Reviews for "Sex with Angel"


The art for the girl was okay. The SF though doesn't always match the actions. Anyone whos actually had sex would know this. Another thing that bugged me was you couldn't touch her in the same place. One moment she likes it than she no longer wants that placed touched again. I don't expect the meter to go up after that spot is used but still a real girl isn't going to protest that spot touched once its been unlocked/allowed. I don't mind the lack of a story because this clearly wasn't meant to have one. Lack of a story may not fly in the future. Try to be more orginal and put more effort into this.

Lesika responds:

To everybody who rated our game, Thank You (really!) for the remarks and thank SailorPoison for full explication. We will try to do better, for graphics, course of game, tasks and other.
It is really that this game doesn't have any profound meaning but I found it funny.


it's almost like a clone of games of desire's m'n'f games but shittier, also I've to agree with LGNBAR it's as if you put no effort into the game


do i really have to say it? you put absolutely no effort in this game other then to rip off of an existing game. thinking about it do you even know the meaning of effort? you ripped off of a good series and made a crappy game out of it.

you get 2 thumbs down, a fart, and a 0/10.......evildoer


Yeah. Clear rip off of Meet 'n Fuck. Granted MnF is cheap quality too, but at least you have to work for the advancements. And they have better sound fx too. Next time put some EFFORT into it. Make it challenging. And get more better sound bits. ones that actually work for the parts being touched.


The only thing funny is how bad the game is. Congrats, you ripped of Meet 'N Fuck, a game that already rips off other things and instead of IMPROVING you made it worse.

It's not funny. Story? What story? Despite the fact that MnF games use stolen art it's one saving grace is the cheesy text; you couldn't even do that right! And the picture you used was CENSORED! And the hand, as mentioned, looks like it's up in the air. The penis is drawn horribly and it's just...not pretty or funny or even fun.

And what was with the audio? The same ripped porn SFX, why would you have a guy moaning in it when he's touching her arm?! Not to mention the moaning sounds don't match the look of the girl.

Put a little more effort next time.