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Reviews for "Jesus Sweets!"

Good one love it!

but i give you a four because im a turdsandwich who believes in a flying man, in the sky, and that moses wandered 30 years in the desert, and that god tried to wipe out his on creations with a flod, so all fish and ducks died by drowning.

but only in the respect of my religious believes

and yes... this is pointed to all who believes in angels, eats nachos everyday and travel with a backpack to the mall.


Hilarious XD!!!



Sweet work

What really got me was at the end when the guy said, "Sweet Jesus, They're Good!"

Awesome job
And also I only gave you a 9 because i have to show some respect for my religion if you don't mind, but please don't take it the wrong way

Oh man

0/10, and 0/5 and silence.