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Reviews for "Jesus Sweets!"

lol funny

anyone that gives it a low score just because its funny and has religion in it all i got to say is grow up there is nothing raciest about this. if your offended then there is something wrong with you not this animation.

That was amazing.

Y'know, I've yet to see a good parody on Christmas that doesn't involve last minute shopping gags, and then I watched this. It's awesome. 10


This is a 10 for sure! Good on ya!
Offensive? Not in the least.
Funny? Yes.

It was good.

Alright Kirb, I'll give you that it was good, and sure, who doesn't love candy? I agree with the poster below me, I found it entertaining, but not keeping my attention through the entire video. Great animation though, keep up the good work. And for all the christians blowing chunks about this video, this is something that he created, if he meant it to be offensive, then thats what he means, but it doesn't say anywhere that he meant it to be that. This was just a funny little animation that was his take on christmas, so enjoy it ya pricks and if you don't like it you don't like it.

I'm offended...

Christians should be offended, but this is funny and has great animation, so you get an 8 instead of a 2. And stfu, IDEK12345678910. No one cares about your stupid, worthless, racist opinion.