Reviews for "Jesus Sweets!"

I loved this

Anybody that finds this offensive shouldn't be allowed onto NewGrounds. This was awesome. Keep up the great work!

Great stuff.

@ TehSlasha: Some things are offensive to some people. You're never going to satisfy everyone when discussing a controversial topic such as religion.

Anyway, great flash. I'm atheist and I liked it. lol. The animation was pretty good and so was the voice over. The idea was funny, and so was the end result. Good work.

are jesus sweets real?

Are the jesus sweets real? someone please reply to this and tell me or PM me. Really funny though im adding this to my faves! 10/10

LOL it was kinda funny.......

but the Crown of thorns thing was kind of offensive to certian people (ME)

Sweet Jesus!

Wow, now that's a candy I could eat, lol.