Reviews for "Adoptio - Mad-n Ire"

Definitely worth a mention in the Madness Collection. Keep it up. I'm quite intrigued by this Kreyd and these sects that wish to kill him.

P.S. The AutoAnir is the most brillant thing I've ever seen in a Madness flash. I'm a fan. XD

Coft responds:

Wow, thanks man :D You make me want to continue this. Maybe... one day.


Which navi kavi song is that?


I watched this a while ago but forgot to review it. Unlike a majority of the madness flashes, you actually put effort into it and did a good job. I think that big wall breaking box weapon supply thing was sweet, and the 3d was done nicely. Thanks for using my song in your flash, it fit nicely. :D

Great job

I remember your last Adoptio, it was pretty good. Hands were wrong, and a few other things, though you really improved. So, guess you took my advice! ^_^


Yea its me :3

Well anyways, nice :D I like how u did a few things, that surely needed it, in 3D :3. It was great animation, great effects, and great details. Better than the others, but lacks some effort in some places, but great :3 Nice music to fit with the animation

Coft responds:

Wow, it so cool to read something you are thinking about. :D I looked at this page. Then scrolled down. "1337-Dawg" -"Oh its him ?" -"Yea its me" :D

you're right about the effort. Every time I said when something will be done, I really submitted it on the day. Even if no-one cared. And every time I was finishing it at the last momments. And I learned nothing - when doing this, I did nearly everything during last three weeks. I worked on that for three months, but the real effort came in last three weeks. I did the last two rooms in the last two days and it took me 7 hours on the last day to have it done in time. So, more effort ? I have not enough time ! -wrong answer. Next time I'll try to care about it even half a year before its release time to don't reduce quality...