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Reviews for "Neon Climber"

Super Menu

I had to say that the menu is really great. The game is fun too, I like the feeling of moving. But my hat goes to the menu (french expression, I do not know if it makes sens in English).

What I like about the starting screen is you start to play right away. The menu is fully incorporate to gameplay which is wonderful for immersion and player's experience. Menu could be something tricky and you did something great. So great job Taleph. The red blocks are really frustrating :P


im 3rd place in the all category and 2nd today!!!!

Cool start

A couple of little things.

1) Occasionally generates platforms that can't be reached. Say platform 1 is Far from platform 2, but platform 3 is just a teeny bit higher than platform 2. It's impossible to make the double-jump work there.

2) Character needs to go a little faster. If you try to get everything, you fall behind very quickly.

Very cool game, though. Obviously reminds me of Tower of Greed, which had me hopelessly addicted for weeks. I hope you work a bit on the game play and give us a good second version.

Taleph responds:

People complaint about this a bunch. I just made some minor changes in movement speed and fixed the staked platform spawning.

Thanks for being constructive. ;)

Needs Fix'n

All you have to do is fix how your platforms are generated to move this game up from unplayable to pretty awesome.


nice ice tower type game yet its way too slow paced and gets bit boring.