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Reviews for "Xerb 3"

Not bad

I think its a great game, try making the blocks disappear and let you bounce only when you touch the top though...

The score DOES show up on the end, the graphics are good for a week's amount of work and I've never seen an idea like this. Nice music too.

Don't mind these ignorant people.

not gonna lie, the first three minutes

was very fun. but tit got too easy after that. Its a good concept, but the platforms eigther didn't appear where they should and let mne fall or ehtey all appeared right next to each other and i spent like thirty seconds not moving a nd collecting points for doing nothing

poor choice in coloring

you made the "hud" green which for the viewer at first glance looks like the ground. especially since you jump off of it. but then it follows you so it never feels like you are rising. take that out altogether and make a "ground" don't have the platforms move up and down, so it feels like you are rising and "bouncing" off of them. a nice try but needs more polish and work. keep it up though


Stay on the left side after jumping a few blocks ... you'll jump until time is up.

Needed more time

I can see the concept however it needed 5x the amount of time you spent making this. It seems u have to position urself so tht u touch each rock (dunno why). Did u get the idea from doodle jump? its a game on the iphone or itouch (depending on how rich u r). U basically do this but it had more time spent on it.