Reviews for "Scribbland"

Gave up when the bats came in.


The different controls are nice in a way.

To have an option with "NORMAL" controls would be nice.



pretty cool

jokerdom took my icon ;( cool game though


I like games with new original ideas or new original control schemes like this one. The control scheme does take some getting used to and after a while, you'll play well with it. But you never feel like you completely grasp it. You'll get more comfortable with it, but never completely master it.

Graphics: 8/10 - I like the hand-drawn graphics style, but it could use a bit of color here and there.

Gameplay: 7/10 - There's some pretty basic gameplay. Just go from start to finish, left to right, on each level, and avoid the enemies and spikes. I was sort of confused why you could walk through the spikes and be okay, but if you landed on them you died.

But it's always fun and the game doesn't last too long, so it doesn't get very repetitive. Also, the levels are very short, so you never have to fear having to repeat a large section of the game with the awkward and unreliable controls.

Sound: 9/10 - There are some "interesting" sounds in this game, and it is overall mostly pleasant to the ears.

Controls: 5/10 - The unique controls are the whole point of the game, but they can get pretty frustrating. As I stated before, you never feel like you have completely mastered them, and sometimes you'll have to think for a second how to pull off a move that should come naturally.

And portions of the game that would be easy with generic controls can become incredibly frustrating with this control scheme. I also ran into a problem where the character would often not jump when I released the mouse and expected him to jump, so I never knew if I was going to make the next leap.

Replay Value: 7/10 - There are a very decent number of levels (20), and there is a Hard difficulty mode to up the ante, where you can't even touch walls or you die instantly. That and the scoring brings some good replay value to the game.

Overall (Not An Average): 7/10 - Good

My thoughts

I'd like to point out that I am rather conservative with my scoring so 8 is pretty high in my book.
The reasons for a score as high as that are as follows:
The gameplay is as promised and as expected. There is no real need to explain it more than hold left mouse button moves forward, release jumps.
The different enemies make the game much more interesting than it otherwise would be.
Certain aspects require a little thought. (I've been playing I Wanna Be The Guy too much... I was deathly scared of those spikes!! ~lol)

In the end, the main point for this game is that it is just short enough to be interesting all the way through. Anything longer (well, a level or two wouldn't spell doom, but 5 would be too many) would require more aspects to the gameplay, though obviously in keeping with the single button mechanic.

Smart idea.

Clever, but still a bit frustrating. Explaining how spikes work would have been nice.
Still a good game. :)