Reviews for "Scribbland"


I'm fascinated that a one-button platformer can be so hard, so challenging, without being purely luck based. It's rather innovative, and quite fun.

Good game

I liked it. Good length.
The controls were the point - I thought they worked fine and made the game interesting and unique. Definitely worth a play through.

Some helpful thoughts

The idea for this game is quite good but there are a few issues that need to be resolved first.

First, if you are going to stick with the control scheme, at least reverse how it is done. It should be that you click the mouse to jump. Hold the button to stay put, and release to run. The timing and work MUCH better that way.

Second, an alternative style would be to have the level side-scroll as you merely hit the button to jump as it scrolls. The flaw with this is that you have to have the timing down right away or you could fuck up... which is why option one is much better.

Overall, the idea for this game is good, but it isn't executed in the best way possible. Better luck next time and hopefully these ideas helped a little.

Skellus responds:

Hmm. I will have to check this control scheme someday. Thanks :)

at least I get it..

Obviously the main point of the game is the difficult controls. I think people who haven't tried ASWD or Arrow-controls experience the same kind of difficulty at first. I think the level amount was ok too for such simple game. Almost gave up on the last level.

Sad it is

Controls ARE original. But they suck all the same. It's really awkard to use them and we don't get used to them quickly enough to get into the game. It's a nice attempt, and maybe you can do something out of it, I don't know, maybe your character could FOLLOW the mouse, at least you could get back. I know it's supposed to be a concept, you probably thought about all of those things I say, I don't mean to insult your intelligence sir, but maybe you made the wrong decision about the gameplay,

Otherwise, quite nice arts and music and all.