Reviews for "Scribbland"


its not great i was kinda bored most of the time but it could be fine at times


you cant make a game like this good with only one button

Skellus responds:

Unfortunately, I did. Waiting for the universe to crumble, it should happen any second now, shouldn't it?


Not reallly all that exciting, Odd controlling


I get it, it is neat, but it is tricksy.

I liked the art for somereason.

Not so interesting.

I like the innovative idea, but i just couldnt enjoy it. The controlling was frustrating and i kept forgetting what combination of clicking/releasing/re-clicking the mouse did what. If i had persisted i would have got the hang of it, but most people play flash games for something small and simple to jump right into. I also would have persisted with the game more if the graphics werent so bland and the gameplay so linear. I have played hundreds of games where the best objective is to go under these spikes and over these ones.

If you improved on it it could be a good game though.