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Reviews for "Horizon"

Fight scenario:
2-4 fighters,
Map : Orbit ( Satellite orbiting earth, which is visible in the background, looking amazing like earth does )
This song,
Half way through the song, the satellite begins to fall back to the surface, fighting continues.
End of the song, satellite crashes, Winners walk away from the wreck.

this is what popped into my head the first time i listened. i love it when music can put an entire scene into my head, like the music is telling a story, you know?

This song is amazing, you under credit yourself way too much!

Geoplex responds:

Haha, thanks. You should check out the God Factory: Wingmen trailer, because it's a space-fighter battle game with this song used in it (unless that's where you got your scenario idea :P)

This was amazing. I LOVED this! It is so good, you even had F-777 review! And he has some SICK beats. KEEP THIS STUFF UP!!!!!!!

Geoplex responds:

Oh yeah, F-777 is best ever :P
Was a little shocked to see his review actually, lol.

And thanks! I plan to.

This is incredible! I love it!
You have successfully got me inspired!

Geoplex responds:

Aw, thanks! ^.^

This is awesome!!!

Geoplex responds:

:D Thanks!!

WOOOoooOOOooooOooooOOooOOooW thats perfect to my ears >.<!!!

Geoplex responds:

Glad you enjoyed :D