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Reviews for "Shark Black: Demo"

uhh wut?

i couldent hear what they where saying and the animation wasn't that great and the sharks on the cursor are swimming backwards

Celx-Requin responds:

Fair enough,
although I thought the cursor animation seemed better this way.

Thanks for the review,
- Celx

um yeh okay

but please try harder to animate its very boring watching a man run though for nearly all the film and seeing the same snowflakes loop over and over agian

Celx-Requin responds:

The film was 4 minutes, that sequence was only 30 seconds...

Well, I figiured if I've the other two stories on here I might as well review this one. The art's about the same as I expect from you, and I do like it, buuuuut I've never had a head for art really, I'm more of a story gal myself.

That said, there's not enough of the story for me to make a proper judgement, though I am curious about it, and it is a preview, so it's not like I would get much from it at this stage anyway. Honestly, this kind of 'crime syndicate' or whatever genre isn't exactly the type of thing I'm interested in, but I'm looking forward to it since you've proven you can pull a good amount of satisfying plot twists. So, I'd watch the finished product because I trust your story telling skill.

As for audio, I like the music, though it's good backround noise like the last two, so, it really doesn't stand out, but it does it's job. ...as for the voices...eh...heh....heheh..ew. Eeeeeeeew, ewewew, i'm sorry, I just...urk....sound sensitive...teh whispering...it's...I've heard worse voice acting...but...gah. Needless to say I'm really, REALLY not a fan of the voices. >.< The whispering to be honest just makes everything worse. It's like you were right up against the mike and spat into it wth every other word, and guh...

Well, really, like I'd said I'd watch the finished product...and I figiured you deserved an honest review...though...yeah, voices. Heh. But the rest looks good! Can't wait for the compleated thing!

Celx-Requin responds:


You know Shark is something I'm both proud of and disappointed in, on one hand it was my first attempt at animating serving as a reminder of how my skills have improved since then; and I get nostalgic looking at it.

On the other hand the voice acting was an abysmal failure, and the story wasn't quite as refind as it should have been.

For these reasons I decided to drop the project until I honed my skills enough to live up to my original aspirations for the story.

"A Twisted Transparency" is my final project and is vastly different from what you've seen with "Shark: Black"; trust me even if your not into "crime noir", A.T.T. will have a deeper subtext at it's core.

It will be my masterpiece...
- Celx

P.S. add me to your "favourite authors" list if you want updates on my projects.

*whisper whisper whisper

I'm sorry, I couldn't get past all the fucking whispering. It really annoyed me. I can't hear what the characters are saying, and it's hard to believe that the characters can hear what they are saying, especially when they are on a fucking city rooftop.

Celx-Requin responds:

Turn the volume up?
Or use the subtitles?

But yeah I feel you... It was meant to be listened to with headphones.
Otherwise the sound is really low...