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Reviews for "Shark Black: Demo"

It was good

It was pretty good but please no more whispering in the future. >__<
The animations were really good, but I don´t know I didn´t really like that first song.

Celx-Requin responds:

I'll try :)
Yeah the next sessions has less talking, and more ass kicking...

Thanks for the review!
- Celx


there were none. Though it was pretty good still, the mouth animations could use some work and the whispering should either be louder or just not in there. The music is good, did you make yourself? The only other bad thing really would maybe be the run cycle on the bridge. It was a little long and just the animation could use some work, it was too stiff. Try and put more bounce in the step.

very good, very stylized. I like the idea even if i didn't know whats going.
keep it up

Celx-Requin responds:

Thanks for the review.

In regards to your music question, no I didn't make any of the music,
the piece that plays during the long city scene is called "snowblind"
composed by Akira Yamoka.

The piece in the trailer is called grindhouse composed by a newgrounds local by the name of Wajah.

I did however do some of the sound effects like the wind.

The run cycle on the bridge was meant to be there as a credit sequence, for those
who worked on the film, but since few people are involved at this point, it doesn't really function the way it should.

Lastly there are "boobies", but they are a well hidden easter egg :)

- Celx

It's me Again.

My dear Friend, and this time I'll call you like this.... I have to tell you that your flash animation style it's quite interesting, I supose that you wanted to play alitle with Frank miller's Style, black an withe and maybe a few litle red, it seems that the stoyr has a trama that maybe could be a litle similtar to many stories on the world, you need to put more passion on this one, CJ, has an unique style that makes the reader stay on the reading, but, now, I'll give you a 7, just for a few reason, first the plot, and second the sound, I think you wanted to make an effect on the voices to make an echo, you to use another programs to make your voice different, to kill noise, and make the effects you need, for other things everything it's really good. I'll be waiting the other chapter. I'll be watching you.

Celx-Requin responds:

Not really, I was working on shark before the "Sin City" movie came out.
Old noir films like "Mafioso", and the "Concrete Jungle" served as more of an inspiration than "Sin City".

The film design was inspired by Coonskin, that film is soaked in blacks, silhouettes, and that kind of stuff.

Lastly if I did take inspiration from a comic book it would have been "100 bullets" that's one cool story!

- Celx

Well designed and performed

I do think that this piece needs a little more in the way of better voice acting and perhaps some subtitles, since I didn't quite catch all of the lines, because of the voice you chose and the limited lip synching. The mouth doesn't change shape dependent upon the word that you're trying to get them to say, it just oscillates between open and closed.

When it comes to the background detail of this piece you've certainly gone overboard here and that does mean bonus points for you. It also sets the bar pretty high for you to recreate when you make more of these pieces.

I don't know if it was a bridge that the guy ran across, but the strobe effect of the piece in that sequence, before the police station and the other buildings that he ran past just seemed to make me a little nauseous. That could do with shortening and perhaps changing for something a little easier on the eyes.

Finally, when the sword is shown in the room, should it have a pointed edge so close to the hilt? I always thought that katana tended to have the blade move straight to the hilt and not deviate for artistic purposes that might blunt or weaken the blade. As the guy says in the following scene, "I note small details"

[Review Request Club]

Celx-Requin responds:


The film actually does have subtitles (english, and spanish), you just need rollover the subtitles tab and turn them on.

Yeah the backgrounds in the next one are going to be even more detailed, which is why its taking so dame long to finish.

I agree with what you said about the bridge scene, however when running off the source .swf file it works pretty well, sadly its really choppy on newgrounds...

Thanks for the review,
- Celx


A pretty good movie. Again, I like your style. It's very dark but it fits to the stories you create.

Just like Coop I think you should shorten the "running scene" a bit. It was too long winded and in the first half of the scene the background was very straining for the eyes.

Also, you really should put in subtitles. I only could make out half of the dialogue because it was whispered the whole time.
Another problem with the whispering is, that you can't really whisper the "hard sounding" consonants like "p" or "t", As a result those consonants where sometimes spoken too loud, which doesn't sound too good in my ears.

{ Review Request Club }

Celx-Requin responds:


See Coop review response.

- Celx