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Reviews for "Shark Black: Demo"


I love the style.
and the story line is interesting.

Celx-Requin responds:

Cool, I hope you'll catch the next session.
Thanks for the review!

- Celx


I'm afraid I don't understand it, but then again I wasn't really paying attention to the storyline, which I'm sure you must've worked hard on (sorry!). That aside, I liked the drawings, and the overall, "mysterious" feel to it. The voices were a little loud for me, despite everyone else needing to turn up their volume (?).

So ya good job dude.

Celx-Requin responds:


I'm always surprised when people say the audio is low,
It always seems fine to me, so it's good at least someone feels the same.

Anyway I hope you'll catch the next session, & thanks for the review!
- Celx

uhh wut?

i couldent hear what they where saying and the animation wasn't that great and the sharks on the cursor are swimming backwards

Celx-Requin responds:

Fair enough,
although I thought the cursor animation seemed better this way.

Thanks for the review,
- Celx


there were none. Though it was pretty good still, the mouth animations could use some work and the whispering should either be louder or just not in there. The music is good, did you make yourself? The only other bad thing really would maybe be the run cycle on the bridge. It was a little long and just the animation could use some work, it was too stiff. Try and put more bounce in the step.

very good, very stylized. I like the idea even if i didn't know whats going.
keep it up

Celx-Requin responds:

Thanks for the review.

In regards to your music question, no I didn't make any of the music,
the piece that plays during the long city scene is called "snowblind"
composed by Akira Yamoka.

The piece in the trailer is called grindhouse composed by a newgrounds local by the name of Wajah.

I did however do some of the sound effects like the wind.

The run cycle on the bridge was meant to be there as a credit sequence, for those
who worked on the film, but since few people are involved at this point, it doesn't really function the way it should.

Lastly there are "boobies", but they are a well hidden easter egg :)

- Celx

Pretty good.

It si just that they were wispering so much that I had to turn on sud-titles. It was a great flash other than that.

Celx-Requin responds:

glad you liked it and hope you'll stick around for the next!

- Celx