Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


I didn't like it at all. I thought it stunk. It was to slow and to make matters worse, it didn't have an intro or a decent story. Don't even play this game.

what the fuck?

this sucks so bad, come on not only did you copy a GOOD game but you made it BAD if and you thought your mom would be proud MY ASS


Only One Word Can Describe This

SHIT You ripped Bomber Man--And didn't do it justice. In fact, you seem like the freak who can ruin almost anything. You must have such a thick head dimonds can't break it. Man Don't Ever Make another game. Lest one that you must live up to. You could ruin Helen's look--thats PATHETIC man! By the way its interactive I THREW UP! The words of insults are to vast for this small margin to hold. BAH!


that was the worst game ive ever played on newgrounds. THIS BLOWS


dude you dont get to keep items wen u die

droid is slow as hell ,enemies are f***ing fast

>:( gay ):<