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Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

What a crock of shit

The guy who posted before me and before him were right this sucks total cock

Bomberman was good

but we don't need a remake

Graphics --- 5/10
I like most pixelated games, but not this one for some reason

Style ------- 0/10

Sound ------ 0/10
no sound at all

Violence --- 0/10
no violence at all

Interactivity 10/10
Fully interactable (not a word) for this type of game

Humor ------ 0/10
This game is not meant to have humor

Overall ----- 1/10
This would be good, if the idea wasn't stolen.

you fucking suck the gay out of libaracheese anus.

u suck dick.


this made me think about my math teacher

I agree

I agree: piece of shit. More abilities would be cool. Good story line though.