Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

This needs a tiny bit of work to make it the best!

1.)Passwords~It pisses me off that when I get so far then I fuck up and die!
2.)Life bar~He needs to do more than run into some dumbass to die,being hit by the bomb should take a quarter of his life away!
3.)With a life bar you need powerups!
4.)You should add some diffrent songs!
Hey it's a great game but this is Retarded Guppy work with a few changes it could be Pyscho Goldfish work!Great stuff though!
P.S. I know it must fucking suck to do so much work then get dissed but If you change it you'll get some better votes:)


not very origenal but its so stupid its funny!

kinda good

not as good as the original and u move kinda slow

well, I guess its okay

The guy moves a bit too slow and its hard to blow up stuff (and with a short attention span like mine I don't spend a long time on stuff) but I guess the basic formula is pretty good.


A nice remake of the bomberman classic. Good graphics, good gameplay. And itäs addicting as hell, als a nice choice of audio, it fits ni nicely with all the basting action. Keep up the good work!