Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

Lots of fun...for about 10 mins

The game was awesome, the re-creation of bomber man was perfect, and having other enemies in there instead of just blowing up blocks was good too, the one thing though is that of two things...either you made the levels TOO long, or not enough time to beat the level, i mean i went as fast as i could and still couldn't beat the first level so i gave up, otherwise great game...good job keem em comin!

Don't listen to anyone else...

This is good. They are all just so upset because they are so crap at it. I got to level 5 on my first attempt.

bomberman its class

its bomberman who can say its not ace i love it

I liked it aside from 2 things

Without the original bomberman power ups, its pretty pretty hard to kill the droids, i noticed that the droid has to be RIGHT in the blast zone for it to die, if its on the edge it doesnt die O.o. Add some powerups and you've got a 10/10 game, but for now, just an 8/10 game ;)

Challenging, but certainly not bad

This is a game that involves skill. Anyone who has played Bomberman before will know that this game is not one of chance. Instead of putting this in the Action category, I would most certainly put this in the Puzzle category.

FOR ALL WHO ARE LOOKING FOR AN EASIER WAY TO KILL ENEMIES: When you play to level 2 you will find a powerup that enables remotely detonated bombs. Be advised, if used improperly you become more of a danger to yourself than your enemies.

I my sole complaint about this game is that it needs a better menu interface, possibly with basic mouse support, and also configurable controls