Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


Tedious, stupid, slow and boring!

Addictive but frustrating as shit you mother fuck

You need to have some sort of progress save. The levels are too fucking long for them to reset everytime I die, you bastard. Stop fucking torturing me. Also, there needs to be codes to enter and get ahead to the higher levels, because I'm sick of trying the shit over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Yes, I could stop playing, but I have alot of stuff to procrastinate over and this filled the slot.

Lots of fun...for about 10 mins

The game was awesome, the re-creation of bomber man was perfect, and having other enemies in there instead of just blowing up blocks was good too, the one thing though is that of two things...either you made the levels TOO long, or not enough time to beat the level, i mean i went as fast as i could and still couldn't beat the first level so i gave up, otherwise great game...good job keem em comin!


This game was very good, just like the game Ravage. These too games are outstanding. Lol, I didn't even get past the first level yet. One thing you could of done was something like in Ravage's game. If you died he like you click continue within a certain amount of time. I advise you to do that, if you make a Bomb Droid 2 or something. Cause it took for like years to kill everyone in the first board. And you should make the board smaller in the beginning levels, then you start making them harder, longer, and bigger within each level. You did this but it was like backwards. But again, excellent work. I can't even make this, but I just wanted to give some tips. Alright, good job again. Make a Bomb Droid 2!

Good, and all, just...

It is good, and all...fun game, it just gets tedious after a while. Otherwise, it's great.