Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

redstingfan and the other guys who say its slow

Are you like complete morons or something? U get the skates to make it go faster stupid. DOH!!!!! I like this game loads. Its really addictive and difficult at the same time. I only been to level 5 cant get past it yet.

alright but could be made better

the guy moves too slowly. And, like the last guy said, its too slow in the beginning

Good potential, but not good as it is ....

The game IS a good idea, and you are excited to try it out, BUT ...

Allthough the graphics is nice and the sound more than good (the music a bit booring in the long run though), its not good when it comes to gameplay. You are to slow in the beginning and the bomb your bomb only explodes one brick away in the beginning. Now that I can live with, but the fact that the monsters have to be VERY close to the bomb is annoying. Sometimes they are still one brick away but still not hit. Also dont stand too close, sometimes you are hit by your own bomb even though you think you are well behind a non-explodable brick (somehow you are not).

With a bit more work on the game it could be very fun, but the errors destroys the fun ...

Potential killed by Speed

This game truly does have the potential to be extremely good, but the speed caused me to have no desire to continue past the first level. The graphics were amazing however and effort and heart was clear cut placed into the making of this game (gotta love the classics)

Slow, stopped playing after less than a minute.

Really old game not even worth a look at. Sorry bro.