Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

This sux like well ya know what sucks

This sucks i should Blam! this off of newgrounds its so damn bad and thats bad because i only blamed about 7 yesterday

god this sucks

damn. that was soooooooo lame. peepes do ur self a favor and walk away!


Am I like back in time back when I had a sega and this was my favorate game great game, but I have to agree with gotenks2002 on every thing but the life bar. Mabey on the sequil you could use some of capcoms graphics and make it almost exactly like the origonal.

This needs a tiny bit of work to make it the best!

1.)Passwords~It pisses me off that when I get so far then I fuck up and die!
2.)Life bar~He needs to do more than run into some dumbass to die,being hit by the bomb should take a quarter of his life away!
3.)With a life bar you need powerups!
4.)You should add some diffrent songs!
Hey it's a great game but this is Retarded Guppy work with a few changes it could be Pyscho Goldfish work!Great stuff though!
P.S. I know it must fucking suck to do so much work then get dissed but If you change it you'll get some better votes:)


hey nice bomber man related game also i was playing typan 3000 ( made by you ) and you should make more game like that. like typan 4000 and 5000. nice very nice. !)