Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

Pretty difficult to destroy monsters.

i'd give you credit for the graphics.

it was ok

you did well but must expand you're ideas a bit

Not too bad

It was ok but it was kinda slow eh i kinda like it

Bomb Droid-Bomberman Remake but slower


I thought NG was suppose to have good stuff. This is awful. No offense to the author but try to make something more....fun and interesting.


This game kinda sucks...

This game sucks because you can get stuck between a wall and a bomb and theres nothing you can do about it. There should be a thing like on bomberman 64 where you can kick your bombs or pick them up or something. On more than one occasion I've dropped a remote bomb then run the wrong way and had to blow myself up. Then if you have the best of everything you have to start the level over with nothing.