Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


pretty good game though ive got a few suggestions, i'd make the game hav better graphics (everybody likes good graphics) and i think their should be powerups like in the real bomberman like kick-bomb and bigger blasts. Still a pretty sweet game (i didnt hav much time to play it, if i did i'd probably like it more!) i hope u make No. 2!

Not too shabby

Well I can't say I was ever a fan of the first Bomberman, so that didn't help. But a well done game none-the-less. I'm mainly reviewing just to get rid of what the small minded idiot before me said *rolls eyes*

Keep it up.


this game suk

i cant move after placing bomb u homo

game sux

i know how to put my fig on it sux

fun or is it? ...dum dum dum! <= danger music

fun but somthing about it just isent right, i cant place my finger on it but it kinda sux