Reviews for "Bomb Droid"


It's a great game i love it

Hmm for some odd reason it's not loading?

It get's half way then stops, I dunno why?


I love the bomberman games but that's the main peoblem... this ain't bomberman!

good concept, but needs work

I love bomberman, and this game is pretty close to it. However, the game runs too slow! It crawls even on the lowest quality. This really hurts the gameplay. I found myself not wanting to play past the first level. Also, power ups seemed to be few and far between. I didn't see any speed bonuses...are there some? I neat game, but I would rather play the real bomberman.


Das Spiel scheint mir wie ein Bomberman Klon! Ausserdem ist es furchtbar eintönig! Der Sound machts aus, leute, nicht die Grafik.