Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

Amazing Hmm....

This Looks Like A Bomberman Version Of Kikaider

love your games but crash and burn was just stolen

someone stole your crash and burn game. its new and its the exact same game. he stole it and i blew the whistle but since its not under your account it wasn't taken off. i would send the link but my account would get banned(again) so im not going to. it has the same name and stuff. so claim what is rightfully yours.

Decent concept, but flawed

It plays like Bomberman should play, and it's always fun (albeit 1-player Bomberman can never live up to the legendary multi player modes). I just found it a bit dull - the lack of power ups makes it very difficult to kill the enemies, and the levels were too large. Above average but disappointing.

Didn't like it.

Not a bad game, it was well made, but I didn't rewally like the gameplay.


Wow that was pritty bad i like the idea of making a big bomberman game but it seems very rushed bit more time on the levels and graphics it could be decent.oh and 900515 its a review not a slag match