Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

wow this sucks

I can't believe you you have taken a great game and made it just suck i mean what the hell this game was terrible. your guy was way the fuck too slow and were there even any power ups cause this game sucked so much that i quit beafore finding any. do us all a favor and stop making games and go to mount everest and be a bhudist or something until you can make a game worthy of newgrounds.


well, this is a bad game...

but I gave you some credit because I like bomberman, but your bombdroid guy moves too slow to get anywhere, sometimes you can't hit the enemies, and there was no sound, that I heard, and if so, then it must suck, I gave you a 10 on graphics, because it looks just like a snes game so it was a good mimic, but the rest was crap, update a bit, and we'll talk.

what the fuck?

this sucks so bad, come on not only did you copy a GOOD game but you made it BAD if and you thought your mom would be proud MY ASS


A futile attempt on a Bomberman clone

Nice try... but the gameplay just doesn't cut it. Akward movement, horrible attacking and a atrocious attempt on a Bomberman clone.
Stay away from this one.

i like the prequel entitled "watching paint dry"

Boring with a capital BORE!!