Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

cant get off it

f fvdfvdsx

very good!!!!!!

I really liked it!

133550685968590764 out of 10!

I used to play Bomber Man...

...but this kinda' blows compared to REAL Bomber Man. It's slow, power-ups don't appear very often (after playing the first level for about 250 seconds, I had not killed an enemy nor did I find a single, God-damned power-up), and the music got REALLY OLD, REALLY FAST.

I'm sure some people must've liked it, but it failed to impress me. And that says something, considering I've played alot of games that few people on the PLANET would actually like.

What a crock of shit

The guy who posted before me and before him were right this sucks total cock

Total crap

The guy who posted before me was right. This is total crap. The SNES version kicked ass, but this is just total crap.

Slow, too little enemies, takes forever to get across a level. I quit before even beating the 1st level.