Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

Not Bad!

I like This Game, lots of fun, pretty addicting.

Eh, got kinda old

Don't get me wrong, it IS just like the OG Bomber Man. Sep that got old fast too. Pick another game to copycat, like Megaman or Mario.

bad bad bad!

well that was boring,bad graphics,slow etc etc

I don't like that

this is a bad version of bomberman don't play it I hate it don't copy a great game and turn it into a crapy game bad very bad

not as bad as u think

i dont think this game is all that bad, you just have to try. Dont take the bad reviews personally. The best got bad criticism. You have other good flashes like Taipan 3000. One question tho, what happened to the drifter game. I liked that and its gone? Anyway good try. At least it wasnt blammed(yet).