Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

not wat i thought it would be

i read the title and my heart skiped a beat i thought "wow a bomber man game!", i loved that game and this cheap remake is a stain on teh bomber man name

Bomberman was good

but we don't need a remake

Graphics --- 5/10
I like most pixelated games, but not this one for some reason

Style ------- 0/10

Sound ------ 0/10
no sound at all

Violence --- 0/10
no violence at all

Interactivity 10/10
Fully interactable (not a word) for this type of game

Humor ------ 0/10
This game is not meant to have humor

Overall ----- 1/10
This would be good, if the idea wasn't stolen.


It is a game that has a fun idea but it needs a bit of work.it does lose the players interest after time.


Not enough pickups, when there is a pick up it doesn't stay long enough, the guy moves too slow, and the time limit is too short for the speed the little guy moves. Overall a bad submission.

Real Buggy Among Other Things

Enemies walking through your bombs and not getting hurt by your explosions isnt cool man. It makes me question what the hell the point of the game is. =/