Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

a medicore remake

like the last reveiwer said the character is very slow which kinda kills the expeirience and the sound need a little work but other than that is fun but medicore at best

Fine... but....

needs some better sound quality
u should be able to lay down more than one bomb
too little power ups!
too slow character!!
the interaction is wonderful!!
pretty good graphics, keep up the good work

Fun but one thing...

Good game but i think you should be able to lay down more than one bomb at a time

good... but one thing.

Well, one thing right off the top of my head: Anyone claiming that they wont give high scores because the game is a ripoff of bomberman should go fornicate themselves with a pole. The author SAID that it was a flash version of bomberman, and if you had read the description first, you would have been spared playing this if you didn't want to. I read the description, and loved the origional bomberman, so this was a good game. Keep up the good work.... however, sound coulda been a bit better.


i didnt like it the graphics werent that great but hey thats my opinion i bet others liked it but who cares good job on not getting blamed