Reviews for "Bomb Droid"

I liked it aside from 2 things

Without the original bomberman power ups, its pretty pretty hard to kill the droids, i noticed that the droid has to be RIGHT in the blast zone for it to die, if its on the edge it doesnt die O.o. Add some powerups and you've got a 10/10 game, but for now, just an 8/10 game ;)

Not bad

I liked the whole idea but trying to actually kill the evil droids was reall hard. Very retro which was nice.

This game could be way better but it's to original

This game is lame you cant even beat the stupid enimies and you walk to slow to get some where.


I dont think this game could get any worse.

Retared game.

This game is no fun. The characters are lame and dull.