Reviews for "magical-zorse adventure"


We're awesome, really.
That was absolutely beautiful.

But to be more specific, you've improved
a lot since The Fab Collab. I'm impressed. :)
I've watched it a couple of times already,
top notch, chief.

kg. <3

turtleco responds:

glad you liked it cheify.
I wouldn't be where I am today without the fab collab :D

I think I've watched it like 12 times already.

it definitely is some top notch stuff :D

Simply great.

Beautiful frame by frame. Looks REAALLY great. ;D

turtleco responds:

thanks, I worked hard on it.

Not too fun to watch

THe intro was quite alright, a magical horse.
But it just lacks consistant animation which means many a time a scene is too full of slow movements and prolonged events. I hope this helps. :D

turtleco responds:

damn it, timing gets me every time!! damn you timing!!! :D thanks for the review ;D


I LOLed muchly. I enjoyed the 8 bit store, and K-Guare's character muchly. and you drew me exactly how I look, like spot on. and who doesn't like watching a magical zorse???? Cheers!

turtleco responds:

I know I love watching magical-zorse.

I kind of based the 8 bit thing off of your art from sevenseize adventure.

and I liked how your velocirapterness turned out too.

Oh Hey

Look who I just found uploading a "time-waster" flash. ;) I liked it. It was random and the zorse was cute. Good job. The T-rex was really well done, by the way.

turtleco responds:

it was supposed to be a velocirapter, but I made it way too big. I was going to send you a PM saying that one of my time wasters was complete